5 Ways On How To Find Qualified Builders and Architects for your project

When planning to construct your dream home, rental apartments, or office space, you have to factor in several things before you start working on any building project, whether small or complex. You have to carry out thorough research so that you may find qualified architects and builders who will advise you about your project. 

Architects are trained professionals to guide you during the designing of the building plan through the construction process of the whole project. Working with a qualified architect and builder is very important because you will avoid any unforeseen errors during construction as compared to working with an unqualified architect.

Ways to find a qualified Architect and builders for your project

When planning to construct your building, there are ways on how to find qualified builders and architects in the market. For example this guide written by e-architect.co.uk about architect and any other of their how to guides will guide you to the right direction on how to find the qualified architect. Here is our take on how to find qualified architect for your project.

1. Visit the websites of the architectural firm.

When searching for information about qualified architects you need to visit their websites for more information about the location, address, street and the work they have completed, finding the reviews from their past clients will be of great importance to you. Most qualified architects and builders are rated by their current and former clients. 

Clients rate the builders and architects for the project they have completed. Some are rated with five stars while others are below five stars. When you are searching for the architects, and builders’ services consider those with five stars.

2. Visit, Architectural Association and Architect Registration Board

Visiting the architectures association is of great importance because you will be able to access more information about the qualified architects in the market. By visiting the association, you will find different portfolios of architects who have experience in handling the type of your project.

All architects practising in the UK are registered with architect registration boards (ARB), visiting the ARB website will help you find registered and qualified architects in the market.

3. Use Directories 

Finding a registered legit architect is the first step you take when planning to start construction of your project. Directories contain information about the construction firms, like a list of practising architects in the construction industry, who are registered by Government.

When perusing through the directory pages make sure you list the names, contacts, location of the qualified builders, by doing this it will be easy to zero into your desired firms who can handle your project.

4. Use of referrals 

It is where word of mouth works; you can get qualified architects and builders through friends, contractors and homeowners of similar buildings you are planning to construct. Visiting the ongoing or completed buildings is another way of getting an architect. 

Someone can recommend to you an architect who has done decent work before. You can also get referrals from other architects who can help you achieve your dream project.

5. Placing, an advertisement on the publications

When you place an advert on the local or national publications, on social media and on your websites telling prospects architects and builders what you are looking for, by doing this you attract them from the bigger market. Placing publications will reach a large number of architects and builders as compared to any of the above-listed ways. This way will attract hundreds of architects, and you will have many at your disposal.

Every homeowner has a dream of building the best home, or best rentals apartments, therefore choosing and working with the right qualified and experienced architect is the way to achieve the desired dream, researching ways to choose; the right architect and builder for your project.

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